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Personal Note From Jake:

I create these bonus stacks so you can get FAR more value than if you were to simply buy Affiliate Triad by itself. This allows me to serve you while also earning a commission if you decide to complete the purchase. If you are ever looking to buy a software, course, or digital product, please feel free to reach out to me at info@jakethornhill.com and see if I am offering a bonus stack to go with your purchase. I may even create a special stack just for you 😉

To receive your bonuses, simply buy through the link below, then email your purchase receipt to info@jakethornhill.com

Note on Bonus Delivery

Please pay attention to how each bonus will be delivered
as some will be released 30 days after your purchase. This is first to ensure that our bonuses don't distract you from your awesome purchase, and second to make sure only those who are serious about their investment receive our exclusive bonuses! 

TikTok Mini Course
Valued at $839
TikTok is personally one of my favorite lead generation platforms - in fact, it was a huge part of how I started my business and actually generated 6 figures in 2020 with TikTok alone! So I want to make sure you know how to start generating leads with it IMMEDIATELY. You can use my special link to purchase the course for $1 and then I will reimburse you within 24 hours.   

You will receive this bonus immediately - just email your Affiliate Triad purchase receipt to info@jakethornhill.com.
Free Copy of Traffic Secrets
Valued at $15 (on Amazon)
Russell Brunson's newest book has been a MASSIVE hit! I tore through it almost immediately upon it arriving in the mail and have referenced it multiple times since then. I think it is a MUST-HAVE for anyone serious about their business so I will be covering the cost of yours! The book is actually free + shipping so I will cover that shipping cost for you. You'll simply send me the receipt and I will send you the reimbursement.

As I mentioned in my review video, the ONLY thing Affiliate Triad can't do automatically for you is drive traffic. So Traffic Secrets is the perfect tool to teach you how to start generating leads quickly!
You will receive this bonus 30 days after your purchase.
TWO Affiliate Marketing Courses for Beginners By Top Affiliate - Spencer Mecham
Valued at $197 each
Spencer Mecham is the top affiliate for multiple companies and probably most well known for his work with ClickFunnels. He has now passed well over 5 million dollars in affiliate commissions so I wanted to get you FREE access to his mini-course! This is designed for absolute beginners to get them up and running quickly with affiliate marketing. I will also link you to a second course that will even a little more in-depth. 
You will receive this bonus 30 days after your purchase. 
Christian Entrepreneur 
Lead Machine Blueprint
Valued at $7 (a STEAL for this price)
This is my own product that is designed to help you generate leads through your Facebook account. I have sold over 6-figures of this product and it has helped numerous people get to five-figure months in affiliate marketing! I personally still use these strategies and highly recommend them to anyone looking to generate leads with their social media account. 

You will receive this bonus 30 days after your purchase. 
Social Media Viral Templates
Valued at $197
Every affiliate marketer knows that the hardest part of this online business is TRAFFIC! That is why these 31 viral templates are going to give you a massive advantage over your competition. No matter which traffic strategies you choose, these viral templates will allow you to create endless, "fill in the blank," content on every platform. You'll save hundreds of hours over the course of your business because you'll NEVER have to make posts from scratch! 

You will receive this bonus 30 days after your purchase. 
Social Media Audit from JAKE
Valued at $497 - Limited Time Offer
This is a limited time bonus that will only be available to a few of the fast action takers! After 30 days of running your business, I will audit one of your social media platforms - TikTok, YouTube, or Facebook. I will make as many suggestions as possible to ensure that you are maximizing your main traffic source! 

You will receive this bonus 30 days after your purchase (you can redeem any time you choose after 30 days). 
My Personal Soap Opera Sequence
Valued at $47
Email is KING when it comes to affiliate marketing. It is essential to create a soap opera email sequence to create a deeper connection with your audience. With this bonus, I will give you free access to mine that you can use as a template to create your own! 

You will receive this bonus 30 days after your purchase. 
Ultimate High Paying Affiliate Program List 
Valued at $97
Affiliate Triad focuses on launches, which are AWESOME, but what can you promote on the other weeks of the month? Well, along with the evergreen funnels they are creating, you can also promote this list of some of my favorite affiliate programs! I will continue to update it so you will have some of the best high ticket and recurring programs out there! 

You will receive this bonus immediately after your purchase.
ClickMagick Tracking Guide
Valued at $19
I have been on record saying that one of the biggest mistakes in my business was not properly tracking my links. It cost me tens, if not hundreds, of hours because I didn't know where my traffic was coming from! I want to save you from that frustration. This tracking guide will help you think about your tracking from the very beginning and make sure you don't have to fix everything a year down the road like I did! 

You will receive this bonus immediately after your purchase. 
Personal Support from Jake for 30 Days
Valued at $997 - Limited Time Offer
For 30 days you will have priority access to me for support! Again, this is a very limited time offer that will only be available for the first handful of customers. I will help you construct your strategy and make sure you are on the right track in your business. 

You will receive this bonus 30 days after your purchase (you will have access to me from days 30-60). 
What's up everybody?!

My name is Jake Thornhill and I entered into the world of online marketing in  October of 2019 just to earn a little extra money on the side of my full-time job as a Youth Pastor. 

I quickly fell in love with the opportunity to serve customers by over-delivering value and have since scaled this into a 6 figure business that I just run for fun. My primary passion is MINISTRY, but I love creating bonus stacks like this to provide you with more value than you could get anywhere else - so I hope you enjoy it :) 
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